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Hudson’s First Birthday

My Sweet Hudson,

I cannot believe I am sitting here reflecting on your first year of life. The baby I thought I would never have just turned a year old. We prayed so hard for you and thought God was saying no when I finally found out I was pregnant. We were hopeful but realistic, and when we thought we were going to lose you too I was beside myself. I still cry when I think about the day I finally heard that beautiful heartbeat of yours and knew you were going to be okay. Harper cried too when she found out you were a boy! She eventually came around and aside from Mommy and Daddy, there isn’t a soul who could love you more than your sister. You have rounded out our little family quite well and we thank God every day for putting you in our lives.

For only being a year old I’d say you’ve racked up a lot of life experiences. You had your first plane ride to Colorado at just 3 weeks old. A private plane at that. Ah, the perks of having a pilot dad! But unfortunately, you also experienced Hurricane Harvey which caused so much devastation all around us. We were extremely blessed to have been spared of any damage, but it was still a scary time for us. A few months later you really worried Mommy when you caught the flu. I may work with sick kids, but it is so different when it is your own. With our family, holidays are always quite an experience, especially Halloween and Christmas, both of which you treated like any other day. But I suppose with your Mommy and sister, you are already used to exciting experiences. Your sister keeps us all busy with her activities, and we also have taken you guys to fun places like Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, the Houston Children’s Festival, the Children’s Museum of Houston and the Houston Zoo multiple times. We took 2 road trips with you this year, one to New Orleans, and then another one to Great Wolf Lodge and through western Arkansas. Not only are you a hiking champ (having been carried in an infant carrier), but you are probably the most agreeable road tripper of all of us! Mommy is in the process of planning your first birthday party and is going totally overboard, as she typically does. We can’t wait to see your reaction to it all. Knowing you, it will probably just be another day in the life!

Before you were born people told me having a boy is easier than having a girl. I wasn’t so sure. But I will say you are the most laid-back kid ever. Not much seems to bother you and you are generally content in any situation. But you also aren’t in a hurry for a lot of things either. For a long time you felt no need to crawl because you could roll wherever you wanted to go. Now, walking is a fun idea for you, but crawling is much more efficient and is, therefore, the preferred method of transportation. You have correctly used the words “Mama,” “Hi,” and “Night Night,” but your favorite word is “Dada.” It means everything and nothing. Sometimes you will sign “all done,” but most times you just shake your head no. Your sister has all the best toys, and if it is in a cabinet, you need it. You like to get dirty, you love anything with wheels, and the more noise you can make with it, the better. We just can’t turn on a blowdryer or vacuum. Imminent death will ensue.

When I was pregnant and it got to be past your due date, we joked that you were either such a mama’s boy that you couldn’t bear the idea of leaving me, or you were just plain lazy. As it turns out, you can be a little bit of both. Though I sometimes complain about the days when you follow me around just wanting to be held, those are also some of my favorite days spent with you – the days when I finally accept that the laundry can wait because my baby just needs me. You won’t always be this little. This year has been a testament to that. One day I will miss the sink full of dishes, the dirty floors and the toys scattered everywhere. These have been the days when you need me the most and I want to savor every second.

Yesterday the doctor laid this beautiful baby boy on my chest, and today I have a big boy in my kitchen banging pots and pans together and trying to climb inside my cabinets. While this year has gone by quickly, somehow it feels like you have always been here. There were a few changes when you first came along, but I don’t remember the adjustment to having a new baby being difficult at all. In fact, I can hardly remember what life was like before you. When I think about those days, though they were still mostly happy times, I am sad you weren’t there. Sad we weren’t together, though we hadn’t even met. You were worth the wait because we needed you. You just belonged with us. And you will always will. I love you sweet boy.

Just please stop growing!




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