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Galveston Family Photo Session

Since Hudson is officially a year old, we decided it was time for a family photo session with our friend Laura from Studio Bloom Photography. We met Laura a few years ago when I stumbled across her website looking for a maternity photographer and she has done so many of our family photos ever since!

Since its so super hot here I’d been trying to think of places we could go that we wouldn’t just be gross and sweaty and flushed. Without going indoors, Galveston was about the only place I could think of that we could at least guarantee a breeze. Plus, I’ve been loving everyone’s pier pictures lately!

Hudson had never even been to a beach before so on the way there I started to get nervous. What if he freaks out about the waves? What if he hates sand? What if we don’t get any good pictures?!

Luckily, he was totally chill. It was definitely a new experience for him, but he did great! Much better than when we tried to do his 6-month pictures and he cried the whole time!

Harper was her usual self. When she wanted attention, she demanded it. When she wanted to do her own thing, she drifted away, twirling and digging and kicking sand and making me crazy.

Those deep blue eyes suddenly turned green on us one day and I’m loving it!!

I have to confess, we’d never actually been to Galveston’s Pleasure Pier and when we first got there I took one glance and had visions of us not only getting our under and beside pictures with the pier, but maybe even pictures of the kids cheesin’ on some of the rides, or with a cotton candy, you know. Well apparently, you have to pay just to walk on the pier and we didn’t have all day to really get our money’s worth so we skipped it. Still, near, far, in a motorcar, Galveston’s Pleasure Pier makes a great backdrop!

To my local people, she doesn’t even know I’m doing this, but I totally recommend Laura. Here’s another link to her site just because. She’s always been willing to work with our crazy schedule and our crazy kids. She’s based in Pearland, but we’ve met her all over Houston (and beyond) for different sessions. She even came to our house to do Hudson’s newborn pictures which was so, so, so convenient! And her prices are super reasonable, especially when you compare her to other photographers in Houston. The best thing though, is how good she is at what she does. My kids love her, but they make taking pictures so hard. If you’ve ever met my children you can imagine, I’m sure. I always leave a session thinking there’s no way she got a single good picture, but then I get them back and I’m amazed. Now, if I could only convince her to come live with me and take all of my everyday pictures too…

Here’s a few of my favorites over the years:

Yes folks, that’s my wedding dress. Swoon!!

Now go to her site —> Studio Bloom Photography.   While you’re there, see if you see anyone you know on her site! Hint: You do.


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