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Family Halloween Costumes – 101 Dalmatians

Over the years, we have become well known among friends and neighbors for our family Halloween costumes. People wait anxiously every year to see what ridiculous looks we can come up with. I wasn’t sure how this year’s theme of 101 Dalmatians would turn out, but as usual, I think we nailed it!

101 Dalmatians family costumes

Hudson has been in a “doggy” phase. All day long he barks, licks, and walks around on all fours. If he is being human, it is only because Harper is now his doggy. We had a hard time picking a theme, but because this boy needed a tail, we settled on 101 Dalmatians.  

101 Dalmatians family costumes

My dad, as usual, looked great as Cruella De Ville. We joke that he likes to dress as a female, but seeing as how he always ends up with a long-haired wig (whether dressed as a man or a woman), the truth is probably just that he wishes he had hair of his own.  To see some of our past costume themes, complete with the many times my father dressed in drag, click here.

101 Dalmatians family costumes

The unfortunate part about Harper growing up is that now she has her own opinion about what she wants to dress as for Halloween. Once again, she got to wear one costume solely for family pictures and then changed into her “real” costume for trick-or-treating. Spoiled a little? But when it all came together, I had to admit that her unicorn costume was actually pretty adorable and I was glad I gave in and made her this one too.

Girls unicorn costume
Girls unicorn costume

If you’re looking for family Halloween costume ideas, make sure to check out my post on our costumes from years past–>Halloween Costume Themes

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