Cue the Theme Music

A few weeks ago someone contacted me on Instagram saying that she stumbled across my profile, @mama_cant_sing, which led her to my little blog and she was instantly inspired to write a song. I mean, I know I’m pretty amazing but I’ve never been someone’s muse before! Ha! She asked if I was interested in seeing the video when it was done and obviously I was. The whole idea that someone decided to write a song about my inability to sing was hilarious!

As it turns out, she has a YouTube channel called Sing with Cici, where she writes and sings children’s songs. Plus, one of my friends pointed out that she looks a lot like Diana Ross’s daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross. Double coolness points.

Then, a couple days ago when she sent it to me, this song became my theme music. I sent it to everyone I know and watched it on repeat. Now, I fully expect my friends to start playing it instantly when I walk into a room and I just heard my husband singing it to himself downstairs. I can’t stop laughing about it!

So without further ado, here is Sing with Cici, with “Mama Can’t Sing.”

Check out the rest of her songs too, friends! They’re all cute and catchy and great for toddler dance parties. I’m pretty sure “Mama Can’t Sing” is the new “Baby Shark” and “Daddy Finger,” and when you find yourself singing to your kids in public wouldn’t this be the best song choice?! Just think, you can say you were one of the first to follow her YouTube Channel and have “Mama Can’t Sing” stuck in your head!


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