Coding for kids
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Codeverse is Coming to Houston!

Do you remember the days before cell phones? I remember, but I have no idea how we survived! Technology has come a long way in my lifetime, and my imagination isn’t big enough to fathom where it will take us by the time my kids are grown. That’s why Codeverse is helping us invest in our children’s future by educating them in the language of technology: Code. 

Codeverse <> is a fun, interactive coding studio designed just for kids, ages 6-13. Using all the latest technology, kids can learn how to program EVERYTHING. From inventing apps and video games, to sequencing the lighting and TVs in the environment itself. Not only do they gain valuable coding skills for tomorrow’s world, but without even knowing it they’re working on problem-solving, enhancing their creativity, and learning to collaborate with their peers. 

Houston is finally getting our own Codeverse location at the Houston Galleria, opening June 1st! Just in time for summer camp! 

Coding for kids

Codeverse Summer Camp Basics

Each Codeverse summer camp runs Monday-Friday from 9 am-3 pm with a complimentary extra hour for early drop-off (8 am) and late pick up (4 pm). Each camper gets a dedicated iPad for the week and access to all the techy tools they can imagine. Codeverse also provides a healthy, nut-free, allergy-free snack AND LUNCH! Sign. Me. Up!

But what exactly do they do?

Monday, they start with the basics but by the end of the day, your kids are already using code to make video games and create apps. 

Tuesday is all about robotics. They will design and build their own robot, then put them to the test. 

Wednesday is Maker Day, where, you guessed it, they make stuff. But instead of construction paper and glue, they’re using software and machines to make 3D models they designed themselves. 

Thursday, they learn about the color scale and start programming gadgets such as concert-hall lights and TVs. For some, this includes a trip to nearby stores to play with even more high-tech tools. 

Come Friday, they’re ready to show off. They spend the day finishing up their projects for the Parent Showcase where you get to marvel at how much your child has learned. 

Each week they attend allows them to build on their newfound skills.

Coding for kids

How much does it cost?

Normally the camp costs $499 for the week, BUT right now they are offering $100 OFF! Just enter the discount code EARLYBIRD-100 at checkout. But hurry because the discount expires on June 1st, 2020!

All you have to pay at sign-up is a refundable deposit to hold your spot. 

They also have additional extended hours until 5:15 pm for just $30.

And remember, that’s 5 days of not having to make lunch!

Sign me up!

Go to to sign up now while there are still spots available!

Coding for kids

What else does Codeverse offer?

Coding Classes

Starting at just $39 a month, Codeverse offers after-school, evening and weekend classes at their state-of-the-art facility. Classes are 75 minutes long and teach kids the fundamentals of coding. In addition to classes, kids can log into Codeverse’s online coding platform, allowing them to code from the comfort of their own home! Super cool!

Want to try before you buy? Your kids can experience Codeverse for free by signing up for a free 75-minute trial class here:

Kids Night Out

Every Saturday night from 6:30-8:30 pm, Codeverse holds a Kids Night Out for kid coders of all experience levels, ages 5-13. For just $50 they include a healthy, allergy-free dinner as well as all their STEM activities including the opportunity to play DJ in their Black Hole. Now I just wish they had a parent’s night out because I seriously need to get in on that!

Birthday Parties

Codeverse also makes party planning simple and guarantees an out-of-this-world birthday experience. They do the setup and clean up, and provide all the space-themed plates, cups, napkins, and utensils you’ll need. In 2 hours, they’ll turn 15 kids into expert programmers, and you into parent of the year. I mean, how many birthday parties have your kids been to that allowed them to fly a drone?!

Okay seriously, how are you still here? Go to to sign up for summer camp now while you still can!! Don’t forget to use code EARLYBIRD-100 for your $100 off! 

If you’re still not sure, try one of their free 75-minute trial classes to help you decide. 

And tell them Jessica from Mama Can’t Sing sent you! 

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